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Flashdotech Holdings is committed to becoming an outstanding leader in new technology investment. It has long focused on prospective tech companies that use advanced technologies and services to improve people’s lives all over the world.

The entities it has invested include, but are not limited to Expansioner Ptd Ltd, a Singapore encryption custody technology service company, and Coper Pioneers Technology Limited, a Hong Kong high-frequency trading technology service company.

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Everything for human civilization is a product of intelligence, and we amplify our own intelligence with AI, potentially helping life thrive as before, solving our toughest problems, from disease to climate change and more.


Blockchain technology has broad application prospects in financial and commercial transactions.

In the financial industry, it not only increases efficiency, but also provides more security.

In the Internet of Things system, the blockchain realizes information encryption and digital signature through asymmetric encryption algorithm, uses the private key to encrypt the information, and the public key decrypts to verify the authenticity of the information source. This can establish a trusted encryption system and improve network security performance.



To achieve such a grand goal as the Metaverse, breakthroughs in material technology are essential. The two most important points are "feeling" and "connection".

"Feeling" is the sense of immersion. How to make the metaverse more realistic and how to make everyone willing to participate in it are all technological breakthroughs that need to be made.


As the IoT network increasingly becomes the core of the business, problems such as fault-tolerant self-healing of devices, environmental security, information security, dynamic composition, semi-automatic reorganization and even fully automatic reorganization and reconfiguration will all be crucial.

Driving the development of new IoT platform architectures will also generate new and unanticipated opportunities and requirements, and the advanced platforms, devices, networks and architectures that support them under new high-level data semantics, context, transformation and transport standards

This can be achieved in relation to information sharing, security, connectivity, interoperability, and aspects of the emerging IoT smart ecosystem for analytics engines.


Our Vision

Serve entities, optimize the allocation of resources; serve the people's livelihood, grow together with excellent start-ups.

Our Mission

Technology-driven, technology changes life, technology changes productivity, to drive various businesses to adapt to the era of Internet.

Our Goal

Innovation-driven. Innovation is the destiny of becoming an excellent technology company.

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Flashdotech Holdings, a subsidiary of Flashdot, mainly invests in global compliant financial institutions since its establishment.

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